The 4 Places You Must See And Visit In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most prominent places in the world where you can find a lot of attractions and a good time! The United Arab Emirates had been transformed into a beautiful city in the past few years where tourists literally flock to find good sales deals, glamour, attractions and a good time. Depending on the type of transportation you will use, Dhow Cruise Dubai marina is one of the locations that you will visit regularly and it is often a starting point for the majority of tourists. This article covers some of the best places you should see in Dubai!

Burj Khalifa

One of the most distinguishing places in this country is of course the famous Burj Khalifa. This 829.8-meter high building is the tallest building in the world at this moment. It has over 120 floors and it hosts a huge observation deck on the 124th floor where people come to see the skyline and enjoy in the fantastic view.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa

The high-speed elevator takes you to the top of building quickly, cutting down the time for traveling up to observe the beautiful 360-degree view. On the ground, the building is surrounded by grassy gardens and walkways that are packed with fountains. If you are planning to visit it, have in mind that you should buy your ticket in advance to avoid crowds and rush.

Dubai Mall

For all fans of shopping, this mall is really one of the most versatile malls that offers everything. Located on Doha Road, this place is something you cannot forget. Besides cinema, gaming corner and ice skating hall, there is also an aquarium. So, the fun and leisure activities are in abundance here!

On top of that, the mall is packed with entertaining options so you will never get bored! If you are fan of music shows, feel free to browse the event list, as a lot of concerts are held in this mall. Dubai Shopping Festival that starts in January is something you must not skip!

Dubai Museum

This museum was actually a fortress which was built in 1787 during the Dubai’s Creek defend. The construction is unique and appealing as the building is made of coral-blocks and lime that holds them together. The palm fronds and mud are used for creating the ceiling.

Throughout history, the building was used as a residence for the ruling family, a government, prison and garrison. It was restored completely in 1995 and it has been the museum since then. If you are fan of history, this is something you cannot miss!

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum Residence

This is the original house of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, who was the ruler from 1921 to 1958. The building represents the traditional example of Arabian architecture. Although it was demolished, the house was rebuilt with all the original pieces of house. The building if full of coins, maps, letters and stamps that date back from the ruler’s time.

Regulations for food

Everything You Need To Know About Bringing The Food On Airplane

The people who travel a lot by a plane already got familiarized with the regulations and procedures regarding the TSA security. Very often, we could see people stuck at the airport security just because they have had liquids and food in their carry-on luggage. Whether you choose Hong Kong Express Airlines, or Turkish Airlines, pretty much the same rules are applied everywhere.

This article will be a small guide so you could understand what you can and what you cannot bring with you on board.

Regulations for food

Before you pass the security, make sure you do not have any food that is in liquid or cream form, in the total amount over 3.4 ounces. You can bring tomato sauce, apple jam, salad dressing or any other liquid food, but it must be within the container and must not exceed the mentioned amount. Also, all canned food can be part of your luggage, as long as it is not opened and in the exceeding amount. Everything that is in larger quantity will be taken from you, without any right for a complaint, as these are simply the regulations that must be followed.

Plane Snacks

Regulations for food for planes

The food you can bring along include: cooked meats, cookies, crackers, dried fruit, fresh eggs, seafood, any frozen food, honey, gums, pizza, sandwich and all sorts of dried snacks. In a nutshell, pretty much anything that is packed properly, within the allowed amount. You can even bring the live fish, in the sealed and secure container. So pretty much anything you can think of, as long as it is within the allowed amount. Any exceeded amount will be removed right upon the detection, without any further talk. The TSA security rules simply must be respected and this goes for everyone!


The biggest problem, after the food, are liquids, particularly alcoholic drinks. People tend to carry on alcoholic beverages in checked-lugged mainly, but more often they put inside the carry-on luggage. All alcohol beverages that have more than 70% of alcohol volume will be removed from your luggage, regardless whether it is a checked bag or a simple backpack.

German wings Service

Airplane Service

Also, the allowed amount of liquid (alcohol, natural juice, tea or any other type of liquid) is around 67 ounces, and everything above that amount will be taken from you and removed. You can bring juices, teas, syrups, alcoholic beverages and any other type of liquid you can think of, except the breast milk and baby-drinks, as these must be reported separately.

The prescription drugs

People also bring medication with themselves while flying. There is a separate procedure for this case, but the best thing you can do is to declare these and talk to the security officer. In case you are carrying prescription pills or any form of drugs, you must declare these to the security officer and show the doctor’s prescription.

For that reason, the best way is to pack these up in your carry-on luggage, so they could see right after you declare these.

Best cakes in 2019 to order online

Best cakes in 2019 to order online

Pastry cooks, cake decorators and passionate cake lovers are well aware that desserts industry has its own seasonal or annual trends, just like fashion industry. 2019 brings some beautiful to look and taste cake trends, suitable for all sorts of occasions. Regardless of the the occasion, one particularly popular trend is to search for the cake you like and order it at online cake shops. There are numerous reliable and highly professional websites out there offering wide range of cakes and other desserts, but if you want to make an online cake order in Delhi, we strongly recommend Cravity Cakes. These guys provide impressive assortment of baked, frosted, filled or glazed cakes, designed and decorated for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings or casual family gathering. They also keep up with the latest trends in cake industry and these are some of their favorites during 2019.

Floral flavors instead of fruit flavors

Widely spread and popular trend is to replace traditional fruit flavors with floral flavors, combined with floral theme decorations. Layered cakes are still commonly present, but many pastry cooks turn to sponge cakes glazed with butter. Frequently seen celebration cake models combine edible flowers with real flowers as decoration and the cake is filled with at least two favorite floral flavors. Some delicious recipes include rose, lavender, lemon, elderflower and hibiscus flavors mixed with butter, dark chocolate or cream. Also, new exotic trend promotes cakes filled with creams containing cannabis oil and cannabis flavor.

Forget geometry

Another popular cake trend in 2019 refers to shapes of cakes. Traditional rectangular-shaped or oval cakes are slowly out of the fashion and various creative, irregularly shaped cakes are taking place. Dessert industry and highly skilled chefs are experimenting with challenging shapes or they combine classic box shape with attractive irregular decoration. Silk, sharp edges are often covered with abstract elements giving extraordinary final look to the whole cake. Wedding cakes are currently often made of snow-white clean and crisp fill and glaze and even the decoration is kept white, but ornamented. Arrangement resembling nature and foliage, combined with golden hoops are also very popular. Finally, another trend particularly widely used for decoration of cakes for kids’ birthdays includes various hand-printed designs. Kids love arrangement referring to their favorite cartoons with their name hand-written with chocolate on the top of the cake.

Online customized cakes


As mentioned above, people worldwide nowadays take advantage of internet even when it comes to making and purchasing good, old cakes. Many web pages provide rich assortment of pre-designed cake models, so customers are free to choose the model that suits their wishes and needs best. However, there is another option for those who know exactly what they want. Some cake manufacturers allow customers to determine ingredients, decoration, size, shape and specific flavors they would like to have in their cake and the manufacturer will just follow the give orders to create custom made cake. You can even get the simulated preview of the final version before definite order. Time saving option, but the taste and visual experience are still guaranteed.


CBD Oil – Is It A Really A Cure?

If you are still not quite sure what CBD oil is and would like to learn more about it, then this article is for you to read and find out all about it! You must have heard of it in one way or another, but if you are still wondering how useful it is and whether it is at all legal, do read this article and visit where you will have the opportunity to learn more about this important topic.


What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a tincture which is used as a treatment. You are not mistaken to connect it to marijuana, as it is the tincture which is derived from the cannabis plant, but unlike marijuana which is not used for medical purposes, it does not have the notorious psychoactive properties. This is due to the fact that it is just a derivate of the hemp plant, used for just some purposes of the marijuana but not others that would cause an altered state of mind. The tincture is used to relieve pain, and in fact, this is why it is used as a cure for some of the most difficult diseases that have no cure. In fact, it is used as a relief due to its properties.


Is CBD Oil Marijuana?

Yes and no. It is derived from the hemp plant, which is also known as cannabis or marijuana, but it is just one of 104 chemical components which are contained in marijuana. It is known as cannabinoids which can be known to found in the cannabis plant, but in order to make it not just cannabinoids are used, but it is often mixed with hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The well-known property of altering the state of mind, which is marijuana known for, comes from an entirely different substance, known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol to be more precise. The THC is what causes the sense of being “high”, and it is not a property of this tincture.


CBD Oil And Its Legality

It is legal in some states when used for medicinal purposes, provided it is derived from industrial hemp and approved by the state laws. Also, CBD oil’s contents are heavily regulated especially making sure it does not contain THC. Medicinal marijuana can be used when it is legal in the state in which it is used and when prescribed for certain ailments and conditions.

Marijuana oil cbd bottle

What Can Be Treated With CBD Oil?

Many illnesses and conditions can be treated with this oil. It is not used as a recreational drug, as it does not have psychoactive substances. Instead it can be used to relieve the pain associated with illnesses such as depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and even cancer.  While it will not treat the cause of the pain, it has been shown to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with these diseases.

Taste true sense of West Africa by visiting Lagos

Each one of us dreamt about visit Africa when he was younger.  From the books and cartoons to the movies and travel reports, we all started to develop affection to the African continent. Despite the fact that Africa is the poorest continent, it is still one of the richest in astonishing landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, rainforests, and savannas. Diverse ethnic structure and cultural legacies.

Nigeria is well known West African country with a lot to offer in the tourism in the year to come. Air peace airlines make visiting Nigeria and its tourist attractions and nature resorts, much easier and more possible than ever before. Air peace airlines cover all biggest cities in Nigeria.

Abuja, as capital of Nigeria offer, a visit of few green parks such as Millennium Park, originally designed by Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti. Curiosity is that this park was open in 2003 by Queen of England and whole the United Kingdom, Elisabeth the second.

Beside Millennium Park, Nigeria capital has a Life camp Gwarimpa with all things that dissent English manner camp has, such as badminton court and many other ways to enjoy your presence there, like a different variety of restaurants, 4D cinema, tennis court, of course, etc.

City life which can be tasted in Lagos, one of the biggest cities in Africa, with his seaside and beaches such as Lekki, Alpha and Elegushi beach, diverse architectonic landscapes and carnivals, is becoming a more and more popular destination among the tourists as a center of black culture. With a big amount of hotels, from 3 to 5 stars, jazz cafes and different sorts of festivals through the year, Lagos is a main tourist destination of Nigeria.

But Nigeria, like many other African countries, shows its true beauty through mountains, countryside landscapes, and wildlife in whole. Reserves of nature and national parks give us that something which is part of all, this idea of deeper contact with mother Earth through Nigeria as we imagine her. One of the places that have that kind of strength is Obudu Mountain Resort which is a ranch located on the Obudu Plateau. Place with colorful history located near Cameroon border.

Yankary National Park is also one of the most known nature reserves In Nigeria. With an abundance of wild animal life and reserve space, more than two thousand square miles of savannah woodland, this game resort is most active from May to November. In that period soil is dried out and the majority of wildlife is concentrated around the river as a prime water reserve.

But Nigeria still is country in developing. Which, from one hand, offer a lot of interesting places to visit, and on other hand has a lot of places which tourists avid to look at. This is the reason why Nigeria is deep sense experience. It is a place where life is at its peak. And everything seems to have much bigger significance. Life as we imagine it collides with life as we know it.

How to choose O-rings based on the material?

O-rings have become indispensable in many manufacturing industries, and almost any device you buy nowadays has one installed. Due to their cost, simple production and easy installation, they have found their way into a lot of everyday products, such as cars and engines.

Their function and versatile use have made them one of the most utilized products in the modern industry. Many of them are made of rubber, or elastic polymer, however, there are other materials you should explore as well. Many O-ring manufacturers are sealing products used in brewing, aerospace industry, automotive industry and so on. But, let’s see what other materials you can utilize.


Temperature: O-rings made of nitrile can go between -53° and 153°.

Appropriate for: the general purpose is to seal, for instance, you can use it to seal petroleum oils, water, and some other hydraulic liquids. This material is excellent because it provides high resistance.

Lacks: while it is excellent with liquids such as water and oil, Buna-N has problems with automotive brake fluids, ketones, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, and nitro and halogenated hydrocarbons. Even though it is ozone and weather resistant, it’s not 100% sure.

Applications: Nitrile O-rings have a limited temperature and resistance requirements.

Ethylene propylene rubber

Temperature: it can range between -53° and 153°.

Appropriate for: Skydrol, a hydraulic liquid, it has a noxious smell and can irritate skin. This material also features some corrosive properties and can damage the equipment. We already mentioned that EPR O-rings work well with Skydrol and other hydraulic liquids, but they can also be combined with water, steam, silicone oils, brake fluids, and alcohols.

Lacks: same as nitrile, EPR isn’t perfect for a wide range of applications because of wear and tear issues.

Use: the aerospace industry uses them quite often in their hydraulic pumps.

Fluorocarbon (Viton)

Appropriate for: Viton can handle the number of applications, especially sealing jobs that involve all types of movement. It is also used for petroleum oils, silicone fluids and gases, acids, and some halogenated hydrocarbons.

Lacks: this material is not intended for Skydrol, amines, esters, and esters will low molecular weight and hot hydrofluoric acids.

Application: Viton O-rings are quite versatile, and it’s used in various automotive, appliances and chemical processing industries.


Appropriate for: neoprene is used to seal refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioner units, also petroleum oils, and mild acid resistance ester lubricants.

Lacks: the final neoprene O-rings are often constructed with lead-based agents, which can be dangerous for human health. Also, some people are allergic to basic neoprene. When we are talking about the functional sense, it is not very resistant to petroleum lubricants and oxygen.

Application: it is used in refrigeration units of air conditioning systems.

Temperature: it ranges between -53° and 153°.


Temperature:  between -53° and 153°

Appropriate for: it features abrasion and extrusion resistance, as well as toughness.

Lacks: high compression and heat aren’t suitable for polyurethane.

Application: these types of O-rings are used for hydraulic fittings, cylinders, and valves.

How to choose the right food mill

How to choose the right food mill

If you’re into fine cooking, you can’t do without a good food mill. Having such a tool in your possession will allow you to strain and mash the softer parts of food chunks less strenuously and more neatly. Like everything, food mills have come a long way from what they used to be 20 and more years ago. Today, there are countless options in this category but not all mills are the right ones.

You need the best of the best in order to get perfect results. If you are looking for the right food mill, you need to choose the one with a blade that is close enough to the bottom, interchangeable disks, sturdy construction and of course a large bowl. We live in a modern age where everything gets an upgrade eventually so the same goes for food mills.

Out of countless food mill products, one proved itself to really stand out from all the competition. We are talking about Mouli food mills. All mouli food mill reviews so far have shown nothing but the most positive feedback and experiences and the users are greatly satisfied with the product. If you are using an old food mill, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

While most food mills have more or less the same features, Mouli makes a significant difference in performance. What other food mills can’t give you, Mouli will without a doubt. The reason why these mills are so good is in the performance difference. It’s a small difference, but it gets the job done quicker and more efficiently.

The features

food millMost people who are used to using food mills know the troubles with a handle. The problem arises because the mill doesn’t have a hooking handle which makes sure that milled food falls right into the bowl. Mouli solved this problem with a hooking handle that will position a mill right above the bowl. It sure makes things a lot easier and more precise without food junks on the counter.

One of the other features, which is really useful, are the interchangeable disks. Having a choice of gauges will give you a lot of useful options and you can choose the degree of fineness of your milled food. Now, the most useful feature would be the capacity.

The generously sized and deep food bowl saves a lot of time and effort when cooking in numerous ways. You won’t have to use so many dishes like before and that only means you won’t have to spend as much time doing the dishes as you used to.

The assembly of this device is also on a high level. Mouli makes cleaning and the whole reassemble process very simple. You can take the whole mill apart, clean it and reassemble it in less than a couple of minutes which makes it perfect for traveling if you are planning on to cook on the go. Fine blades allow you to mill your food to the finest degree no matter where you find yourself. There is a reason why they are the best

benefits of coffee

The benefits of coffee you should explore

Coffee has become the most beloved beverage in the world. Millions of people start their morning with a cup of freshly browed coffee, and a lot of us can’t think of a day without it. There has been a lot of controversies whether the coffee is good of bad for our body, but not anyone can deny its rich taste and warm aroma. In the recent years, this beverage has earned scientific approval, and many scientists are now exploring the benefits of coffee. So, here are some interesting facts about coffee you didn’t know so far.

Coffee can make you smarter and enhance energy levels

coffeePeople who love drinking coffee feel less tired and have more energy to go with their day. The reason behind this fact is that coffee contains the stimulant called caffeine, which is the most popular psychoactive substance in the world. After you drink coffee, it goes directly into your bloodstream, and from there, it travels into the brain. This, actually, releases the high level of dopamine, the hormone of happiness. Many trials have confirmed that coffee improves the various aspects of brain function, including the memory, mood, energy level, and cognitive functions.

You can burn fat with the help of coffee

Do you know that caffeine is a very common supplement found in many fat-burning products? There is a reason for this; caffeine is, actually, one of the rare natural substances that have power to burn fats. On the other hand, if you are a long-term coffee drinker, then this may not have a significant effect on you. But, if you decide to lose weight, then you should choose supplements that contain caffeine.

It can improve the physical performance

It has been known that caffeine can stimulate the nervous system, causing it to send signals to the fat cells and to break down body fat. On the other hand, coffee can also enhance the adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is a fight hormone designed to make our body sustain physical effort and intense physical activity. The essential thing in this process is that caffeine breaks down the fat cells, releasing them into our blood as free fatty acids and turning them into the fuel. So, if you are working out and going to the gym, then make sure to make yourself a cup of strong black coffee.

Coffee may help you fight type II diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has become a massive health problem, and many people are struggling with this disease. It is estimated that nearly 300 million people around the world have this condition. For some reason, people who love drinking coffee, have fewer chances of developing this disease and you will only need one cup per day. On the other hand, if you are not a coffee lover, then you are lucky, considering how many types you can find on the market. Check out this link, for more info about coffee types you should drink.

Best Christmas And Holiday Decorating Ideas For Restaurant

Best Christmas And Holiday Decorating Ideas For Restaurant Owners

One of the best parts of Christmas are the Christmas decorations! It has been scientifically proven that it is precisely these decorations what make us embrace the holiday spirit and feel the euphoria about the upcoming festivities. For all of your restaurant and café owners, remember, that Christmas and holiday decorations might be the factor that will bring you success in the holiday season. So, quickly, implement these ideas in your restaurant or café and see people flocking to your place instead of sitting at home with their families.

This Is How You Start A Holiday Season!

Decorating Ideas For RestaurantIf you want to start a holiday season with a cheerful spirit, make sure you decorate your restaurant or café in time for everyone to enjoy it. The moment when the holiday season begins is questionable, but you will not go wrong if you take a cue from the local city decorations and start approximately when they do. That being said, everyone will be psyched during December, which makes it difficult to go shopping for Christmas decorations. Doing this in advance will give you a head start, and you will do everything you need to do in time and without stress.

Holiday Decorations For Restaurants And Cafes

For restaurants and cafes, there are immense, unlimited ideas of how you could decorate so that you and your clients can enjoy it. Space itself will somewhat dictate the Christmas and holiday decorations you can pull out. However, it is always interesting to play with light. A soft light will make the atmosphere in your café or restaurant a lot cozier and pleasant and homey. So, even if you do not have space or the budget to get a huge Christmas tree, you could invest in holiday-inspired lamps and lights that will give just enough Christmas and holiday spirit. Also, you could put some Christmas and holiday decorations on each table and make the atmosphere even more festive with just a bit of effort.

How To Decorate Your Café Or Restaurant

Ultimately, it is down to you. However, if you feel unsure of doing it yourself, you can always hire a professional interior decorator for these purposes. In case that your budget is too small and you cannot afford one, perhaps you could take a few notes from neighboring cafés and restaurants, or even from some magazines. Getting your inspiration from somewhere will get the creative juices flowing, and soon you will be able to do it yourself as well.

Going Over The Top

Many people are afraid that they will go over the top with Christmas and holiday decorations and if you are one of them, then remember this: you cannot go over the top with holiday decorations! Something like that is simply not possible! We can never get enough of decorations, and it is purposefully kitsch and over the top. However, if you want to keep it elegant and simple, do not combine a lot of colors and stick to a simple palette. Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful!

Eating On Vacation

Everything You Need To Know About Eating On A Vacation

Going away on vacation can be such a great experience, but there are many things that you need to be aware of. Today we will be talking about all the bits and pieces of information that you need to be aware of when eating out in a foreign country and we will show you how restaurant food combines with travel and tourism. Also, if you like this article do not forget to Check out these food dehydrator reviews as well.

Where Are You Going?

foodsFirst of all, you should think about your location. The chances are that if you are traveling to some remote places in the world, you will have to be a little bit more careful with the food and water that you will be eating. Other than that, you should also always be careful of the process in which meat is prepared and eating on food stands in the street. Other than that, which is usually common sense, it can be said that it is pretty much safe to eat wherever you are in the world, especially in places where locals also eat. So, it is also important to remember that you should have a blast and not worry too much about when and where and what kind of food you will be eating.

What Is Your Eating Regimen?

Depending on your eating regimen, it will be more or less easy to accommodate to the restaurant or street food in a foreign country while traveling. To those who follow strict diets, which are often dictated by their health conditions and allergies, or sometimes personal beliefs or religion, I say, learn a word or two which will help you communicate these messages to the personnel preparing your food. This will not just be useful, but you will make sure you do not eat something you would not normally eat.

Are You An Adventurer?

In case you are a big fan of adventures, go all the way! There are places in the world where it is common to eat bugs for example, but not everyone could do it. If you want to experience something new, relax and take a dive into the unknown. Sometimes it can be not just interesting, but life-changing to do something which is not a part of your normal routine. So enjoy this experience and make the most of it.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Last but not least, it is really important to be careful of your safety. Make sure you have your health insurance covered, just in case you get any food poisoning. Also, be aware that if something like that does happen, it is not just because you are traveling. Things like that happen back home as well, but being in a foreign country can make it a difficult situation to deal with and can push your buttons. Besides, it makes common sense to have health insurance for other reasons as well.


How to plan an affordable vacation

Not many people have the money and time to visit exclusive resorts, kick back and relax. Most of us have to plan our vacations months ahead and find different ways to save money. It doesn’t matter where you are going, whether it’s London or your neighboring country, you don’t want to spend all your money and live on bread and water for the rest of the years. Vacation is the time of the year where you get to relax with your family and friends. I have some tips for you which will help you out achieve this.

Start early

Last minute vacation is always a wrong decision because it will cost you a lot of time and money. If you are already planning to take a couple of weeks off, then make sure to start planning early. In this way, you will know where to cut your budget, and many places offer discounts if you book a few months prior. Calculate all your costs on time, think about transportation and the things you will do when you reach your destination. For example, you may choose a place which has great rates on hotels and restaurants, but it will cost you a fortune to get there.


Set a daily allowance limit

Once you resolve a hotel and transportation issue, try to set a regular budget. While on vacation, you will be tempted to buy so many different things and everything may seem appealing, but this can lead you to a bad financial situation. When you arrive, set up your daily allowance, establish the amount of money in separate envelopes for each day and put them in a hotel safe and you can save your credit card for emergency situations.

Don’t go crazy with food

You will run into many different types of foods and restaurants, but it’s important to eat like a local. You don’t have to spend $50 on a meal when you can go to a local diner and try the exact the same thing for $10. Another great option is a street food, but be careful before trying this, choose stands where there is a high circulation of people.


The top 4 places to visit in Europe

When you get a chance to go on a summer vacation, you need to plan carefully. There are so many appealing places to visit around the world, which will take your breath away. But, depending on your preferences and finances, you should select a place that will provide you enjoyable moments, but at the same time challenge you to explore the things around you. Europe is the oldest continent, and with so many metropolis, stunning architecture, friendly people and excellent service, you will have a hard time deciding where to go. Here is my list of 5 to – go places, I hope it will be useful to you.

Le Havre, France

France has always been one of my favorite countries, but this small city, Le Havre, in Normandy region, has always had a special appeal to me. The blend of modern and traditional architecture and historically rich community give the special touch to the entire town. If you are looking a remote and intimate place, but still full of people, families, and teenagers, then Le Havre is the right choice for you. The town is located near the English Channel, close to Paris and London, and its proximity to these cities is a great chance for you if you intend to visit them.

Paphos, Cyprus

paphosThis destination often flies under the radar when it comes to Europe and many people are still unaware of it. Paphos has been recognized as the European Capital of Europe for 2017, which means it will feature even more events aimed at exploring and connecting different cultures. Cyprus is the land of beautiful beaches, white sand, incredible cultural heritage, castles, and monasteries. It has 300 days of sunshine during the year, and mild temperatures in the winter make it a perfect winter vacation.

Northern Germany

Have you ever heard of Oktoberfest in Munich? This is one of a kind event, featuring delicious beer and great music. People all over the world come to Germany just to experience Oktoberfest. On the other hand, castles of Bavaria look like they’ve come out of a fairy tale. With everything said, north of Germany seems a bit neglected. But, don’t be fooled because Bremen and Hamburg are the cities that can offer you a lot. Stunning architecture, a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parts, make this place a perfect destination for a vacation.


Montenegro often falls under the shadow because of neighboring country Croatia. But, if you are looking for a small coastal country, with beautiful scenery and intimate surroundings, then Montenegro can offer you that and even more. The Adriatic coast line, beautiful architecture, blend of sandy, and rocky beaches are the excellent place if you want to experience the actual vacation. While the Croatia is still rocking with the higher prices, Montenegro has managed to adjust excellent accommodation and services, but still affordable. In the last couple of years, this destination has become the favorite place for many celebrities.


Christmas competition in cooking – the best attraction for tourists

Christmas is the time of the year where people enjoy spending time with their families but also traveling. It’s a time where you get to relax, away from work, traffic jams, and cell phones. I always use this time of the year to travel, to charge my batteries and to get ready for new challenges. Last year I stumbled upon a small restaurant is Northern Carolina, and I was amazed the number of people visiting it. It turned out to be a cooking competition, which is their annual Christmas tradition.

Whoever had culinary skills was welcomed to apply. People were enjoying Christmas spirit, excellent food, and a great company. I’ve never felt such a great atmosphere, even though it was a competition and people were competing against each other, they were also very supportive. This was a great experience for me and got a chance to spend an enjoyable afternoon with friendly people.


Le Resto restaurant – delivery

Whoever visited Le Resto restaurant, knows what French cuisine looks and tastes like. I loved every time I went there, the place was a bit further from my hotel, but it was worth the traffic jam. Their service is just excellent; you just have to relax and enjoy the things slowly. In this place, the time just stops, and everything is dedicated to the good and enjoyment. People would expect that this place is huge, but actually, it has a small and intimate setting. A perfect atmosphere to experience the spirit of France. Even though I didn’t know the French, and their English skills were limited, the service was delightful, and personnel was very friendly. Every time I am here I use the chance to visit them.

restaurant deliverySince I love to explore, I asked them about the delivery and did they provide such service. One of the managers told me that restaurant provides the service, but it only limited to 50 km around the restaurant. Considering that Paris is an enormous city, it would be impossible to cover the entire town. The delivery rates are quite affordable, and if you are their regular customer, if you order at least once a week, the delivery is free. This is a nice way to repay the trust clients put in them.

The only downside of this process is that you have to wait two hours before the food arrives. But, whoever has visited Le Resto, knows why they need so much time. All the meals are cooked and prepared in a careful manner because the chefs what to make sure you get the excellent service. So, if you want to experience their cuisine and you don’t have time to visit the reassuring, then you always have a chance to try their home delivery.


The best places I always come back to

For the last decade, I’ve used all my free time to explore new places and cultures. Some people like spending money on clothes and cars, but I like investing in memories. I traveled a quite a good portion of the world, but some places stuck to my memory and made me come back again. After all, the purpose of the life is to explore, to taste, to embrace all challenges and to conquer them. Make your list of memories and go for them, but in the meantime, you can read mine.

Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Latin America, the land of exotic beauties, beautiful weather, great beaches and lovely people. Olympic games that were held in Brazil brought this county a lot of success. They modernized the entire infrastructure and attracted a new wave of tourists. Angra dos Reis is very popular among travelers, and if you want to escape the crowds, while enjoining in beach villas, then this place is perfect for you. I took a two-week vacation to visit Angra dos Reis and came back home as a new man.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

belfastI remember the first time I landed in Northern Ireland; I was so excited because I didn’t know what to expect. Some of my friends suggested me to visit this city, but I was still skeptical because, this was my first time in Europe and after all, European and American culture is entirely different. But, open – air bars, art venues and restaurants are at every corner. People are friendly and welcoming, and I am sure Belfast will soon become one of the most popular destinations. Whether you want to enjoy your afternoon in some café, or you want to experience a night life, this city offers you diverse possibilities to have a perfect time.

Bermuda, Belfast

After surviving a financial crisis, Bermuda is slowly finding its way towards recovery and attracting a new generation of travelers. If you are a fan of sun kissed beaches, white sand, and crystal-clear water, then this place will blow your mind away. The biggest happenings are around June, where international sailing race happens. You have the opportunity to explore many resorts, and since the government loosened the restriction on foreign investment, this has sparked the interest of many international investors. This place is like heaven on earth. I spend one day just lying on the beach and enjoying the view. It is expensive, but this experience is worth every dollar.

Cape Town, South Africa

I am aware that a lot of people are afraid of going to Africa due to a lot of controversies. But, Cape Town has a such a compelling art and design scene. To museums, luxury hotels, great night clubs, you can find almost anything here. The scenery is stunning, and the town is surrounded by mountains and beaches. You would be surprised, but they have one of the best restaurants in the world located here. It’s called Test Kitchen, and their food is delicious.


Le Resto restaurant – the touch of old Paris

If you ever find yourself in Paris, make sure to visit a small restaurant called Le Resto. Paris is well known for the high-quality food and beverages, and here you can find some of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Personally, I’m not a fan of fancy restaurants, even though they can deliver great food. It’s better to use that money and explore the diversity of cuisine though small diners. But, from time to time, you can make an exception and visit some place that represents a symbol of state or city you are visiting.

Every time I went to Paris, I visited Le Resto restaurant. It is located near to the Pantheon (5th), and it has typical Old Paris settings, which got me hooked in the first place. Exposed beams and stonework provide warm and intimate atmosphere, whether you are dining alone or with someone. This entire establishment invites people to discover a variety of meals and every day new recipes are made. Patrons have a chance to choose between four entrees, four main dishes, and four desserts. Le Resto is kind of restaurant that wants to have regular guests, and they want to make you feel like at home. At least that was my experience.

pastaThe staff is very friendly and welcoming, ready to assist you with any requirements. Considering I don’t speak French, one of the waiters politely explained me the meaning of the dishes and helped me make my decision. This restaurant isn’t cheap, but it’s not overly expensive as well, it falls into a mid – range category. An average price for two – course meal is around $45. In Le Resto, you will have an opportunity to try a genuine French cuisine, so it would be a shame to waste it.

They accept all terms of payment, so don’t worry about their currency Euro. A great thing about this restaurant is that it’s pet-friendly, it’s English spoken, and you have a chance to use a free Wi-Fi. The maximum number of guest, one table can accept, is six, if you want to have a private setting.

Top three budget friendly restaurants in the U.S.

Ben’s Chili Bow – this restaurant is a true light of Washington, D.C. A neighborhood place, where patrons get the real sense of food and taste delicious meals. Ben’s was founded in 1958 and since then, it has attracted a lot of locals and celebrities with its famous dishes. The dish that made this restaurant famous was chili, so if you ever had a chance to try their chili, do pass out that opportunity. Take my word on it; it tastes like out of this world. The great thing about Ben’s is that it has food for everyone’s tastes buds.

Big Star – if you are a fan of tacos, then Big Star in Chicago will blow your mind away. If you are keen on visiting this restaurant, I would advise you to go early because you will likely to experience some waiting time, especially during summer months. Casual settings and friendly personnel will make this visit even better. The Chef Paul Kahan does wonders, and he won’t leave disappointed. Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy tacos, or have margaritas, which are so delicious but can make you seriously boozy. If you ever visit this restaurant, you will have a chance to try real and authentic Mexican food.

BollywoodBollywood Theater – we all know that Indian food is too spicy and sometimes bad for the stomach, but chef and owner of Bollywood Theater, Troy MacLarty, found a way to bypass that. This is one of the most visited and most popular restaurants in Portland. Considering the number of people visiting Bollywood Theater, you would expect the high prices of the meals, but you can have a lunch for less than $10.  The entire setting is adjusted to Indian culture, and you can see screen playing favorite movies from Bollywood production. This restaurant is a nice way to spend your time if you ever find yourself in Portland.


Bococarte restaurant – review

France has always been my go – to country. Whether I am traveling the world, or I need a change of settings, France somehow finds its way to my schedule. I love tasting French food and drinking French wines. There is something about the way French people serve the food, every time I dig in; I feel sorry for disrupting the perfect harmony on the plate. This time I’ve decided to review another French restaurant that has become my favorite place to dine. It’s called Bococarte, and it’s a great place with a bit modern setting.

The owners are Vincent and Simon, who are raised in a traditional French culinary family. Their father thought them culinary skills and they now have one obsession, to make food which is healthy, but still tasty. For a short amount of time, they have managed to create a respectful establishment, with the help of greatest French chefs and pastry chefs. The great thing about this restaurant you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful and enjoyable meal. It’s all about finding and recognizing the right place. The Bococarte restaurant has several branches across the Europe, you can find them in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Monaco.

salmonSo, let’s talk about food, which is the main reason why you should visit this restaurant. The meal prices are from four to nine euros, which is not that expensive. You get to choose the variety of ingredients, and all of them are prepared in a health – conscious manner. You have starters, main courses, and desserts. An average lunch can cost you between 20 and 25 euros, which is quite affordable for French cuisine. The only downside is that portions are bit smaller, but that’s a case with almost all French restaurants. French people are very health – conscious and their diet is rich in vegetables.

Bococarte also does home deliveries and covers all your important events. You can celebrate your birthdays here, have business lunches, and also have a private time with your friends and family. This restaurant will provide you a great time and delicious food.


The best organic restaurant in the U.S.

Times have changed, long are the days where people who love to eat organic food had to make it by themselves. Now, you have a variety of options and organic restaurants have become very popular throughout the U.S. People started to put their health in the first place, and no matter which state you are you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals in organic food restaurants. I love to visit this type of establishments because they provide me the sense of security. I know the food I eat is healthy and toxins free. For this occasion, I’ve chosen to present you a trendy restaurant called Evos.

bioOf course, there are a lot of food options out there, but what differentiates this restaurant from others is the fact that provides a lot of food options, without any excessive fats and calories. They only use food which is humanely and naturally raised because they taste the better. Another great thing is that Evos doesn’t skimp on ingredients, whether it’s an organic milk or sugar, you will get a genuine product. The restaurant was founded in 1995, and they have several locations throughout the Florida. People can find them in Carrollwood, South Tampa, St. Petersburg and in Pinecrest. They are not only committed to making great food, but they are also committed to being a great people too. Even their packages are made of recycled materials, which tells us how much they are environmentally cautious.
If you are interested in trying real American food, then Evos is the right place for you. Burges, fries, and shakes are made of organic materials, and this is their way of repaying the customers who decide to try out their meals.
Considering the price range, you would have thought that organic food restaurant is expensive and that it would cost you a fortune to have a meal in such restaurant, but, that’s not the case with Evos. They have food for every pocket, and you can choose between a variety of meals. Evos even provides a menu for kids who are under 12 years old. This is a great thing to have a nice family time and not worry about the things your children are eating. If you prefer to dine at home, they also provide home delivery. For any particular occasions, birthdays and celebrations you can order catering.