Vincent Ferniot

vincentI love visiting France, and I love eating French cuisine, every time I go there I try to find some place new, that will offer me another side of France and set my limits even further. A few years ago, when I was still new to this whole idea of traveling and exploring the world, I’ve entered some restaurant in Paris and ordered stuffed tomatoes. It was the best dish I have ever tasted, since the waiters we so friendly, I asked them: who was the chef who made this meal. They just responded Vincent Ferniot. Back then, of course, I didn’t know who Vincent Ferniot was, but soon I started with my research by going to the same restaurant for the rest of my stay. Every meal I tried blew my mind away. I was mesmerized with the idea how well he combines the ingredients and flavors.

Later when I returned to America, I found out some interesting facts about him. Ferniot has a rich and diverse biography, he first started as a singer and guitar player and then his career developed in another direction. He became an actor and later presenter on France 2, featuring in culinary shows. Among all his accomplishments, he also became an author, publishing several culinary books.

Now, every time I head to France, I always visit the restaurant where he is working. You just have to experience his meals; there are no words I can tell you to describe the flavors he is creating. Even though, he is a world – class chef the prices of his meals are quite affordable, which is another plus for this great man. If you ever have a chance to try some of his dishes, don’t pass that opportunity because the meals you try, will be the best in your life.