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The Appliances That Use The Most Electricity In Your Home

The Appliances That Use The Most Electricity In Your Home

We all have heard when someone says: Turn off that TV to cut down the expenses! Yes, this is true, not maybe in the case of TV, but yes, we all want to cut down our expenses. When it comes to our home appliances, some of them use the most electricity.

Some of these may use an excessive amount of it if these are broken. In that case, it would be a smart move to call appliance repair cape town to fix these and prevent these from using too much electricity. So, what are the appliances that use the most electricity in our homes?

PC uses around 75 of the overall electricity

If you are one of those people that keeps PC turned on constantly, you should know that you could turn it off sometimes to make the electricity bill less expensive. PC uses around 7.7% of the overall electricity use, so if you keep it turned on all the time for some reason, do know that the bill will be higher.

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To decrease the cost, you can reduce your screen brightness during the sunny day, or remove the screen saver, which looks cool by the way. Additionally, if you have any peripheral devices like speakers, printers or scanners, you might want to turn these off when you do not use them.

The oven uses some 8.5% of the entire bill

If you are a cook and you like cooking, then you use the oven frequently. The oven can take up to 9% of the overall electricity bill, as it uses a lot of heaters that bake your food. One golden tip that many people do not know – when you bake something, avoid opening the door on the oven if you do not really have to.

In this way, you can save up to 20% of the energy, meaning that it will use less heating power to bake/cook your food. Also, remove any grease inside as this makes the heaters to work even more.

A washing machine takes 11% of the bill

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The washing machine is the inevitable part of every household as we have to keep our laundry clean and fresh. Each washing machine adds around 11% of the cost to the energy bill, so try not to run it all the time. If you have to, it would not be a bad decision to run it during the night, when the electricity is much cheaper. What you can do is to use the short programs whenever you can, as it uses significantly less energy during these.

The refrigerator uses 1/3 of the overall bill

Yes, the refrigerator uses a lot of energy to keep your ingredients and food cool. More than 30% of the entire electricity bill owns to the refrigerator! The biggest mistake people make is leaving the door open accidentally, as this uses the additional power to deliver the set temperature. You cannot turn it off, but be careful about leaving the door open as this not only increases the cost but also damages your device and decreases its life span.