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The 4 Places You Must See And Visit In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most prominent places in the world where you can find a lot of attractions and a good time! The United Arab Emirates had been transformed into a beautiful city in the past few years where tourists literally flock to find good sales deals, glamour, attractions and a good time. Depending on the type of transportation you will use, Dhow Cruise Dubai marina is one of the locations that you will visit regularly and it is often a starting point for the majority of tourists. This article covers some of the best places you should see in Dubai!

Burj Khalifa

One of the most distinguishing places in this country is of course the famous Burj Khalifa. This 829.8-meter high building is the tallest building in the world at this moment. It has over 120 floors and it hosts a huge observation deck on the 124th floor where people come to see the skyline and enjoy in the fantastic view.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa

The high-speed elevator takes you to the top of building quickly, cutting down the time for traveling up to observe the beautiful 360-degree view. On the ground, the building is surrounded by grassy gardens and walkways that are packed with fountains. If you are planning to visit it, have in mind that you should buy your ticket in advance to avoid crowds and rush.

Dubai Mall

For all fans of shopping, this mall is really one of the most versatile malls that offers everything. Located on Doha Road, this place is something you cannot forget. Besides cinema, gaming corner and ice skating hall, there is also an aquarium. So, the fun and leisure activities are in abundance here!

On top of that, the mall is packed with entertaining options so you will never get bored! If you are fan of music shows, feel free to browse the event list, as a lot of concerts are held in this mall. Dubai Shopping Festival that starts in January is something you must not skip!

Dubai Museum

This museum was actually a fortress which was built in 1787 during the Dubai’s Creek defend. The construction is unique and appealing as the building is made of coral-blocks and lime that holds them together. The palm fronds and mud are used for creating the ceiling.

Throughout history, the building was used as a residence for the ruling family, a government, prison and garrison. It was restored completely in 1995 and it has been the museum since then. If you are fan of history, this is something you cannot miss!

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum Residence

This is the original house of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, who was the ruler from 1921 to 1958. The building represents the traditional example of Arabian architecture. Although it was demolished, the house was rebuilt with all the original pieces of house. The building if full of coins, maps, letters and stamps that date back from the ruler’s time.