Regulations for food

Everything You Need To Know About Bringing The Food On Airplane

The people who travel a lot by a plane already got familiarized with the regulations and procedures regarding the TSA security. Very often, we could see people stuck at the airport security just because they have had liquids and food in their carry-on luggage. Whether you choose Hong Kong Express Airlines, or Turkish Airlines, pretty much the same rules are applied everywhere.

This article will be a small guide so you could understand what you can and what you cannot bring with you on board.

Regulations for food

Before you pass the security, make sure you do not have any food that is in liquid or cream form, in the total amount over 3.4 ounces. You can bring tomato sauce, apple jam, salad dressing or any other liquid food, but it must be within the container and must not exceed the mentioned amount. Also, all canned food can be part of your luggage, as long as it is not opened and in the exceeding amount. Everything that is in larger quantity will be taken from you, without any right for a complaint, as these are simply the regulations that must be followed.

Plane Snacks

Regulations for food for planes

The food you can bring along include: cooked meats, cookies, crackers, dried fruit, fresh eggs, seafood, any frozen food, honey, gums, pizza, sandwich and all sorts of dried snacks. In a nutshell, pretty much anything that is packed properly, within the allowed amount. You can even bring the live fish, in the sealed and secure container. So pretty much anything you can think of, as long as it is within the allowed amount. Any exceeded amount will be removed right upon the detection, without any further talk. The TSA security rules simply must be respected and this goes for everyone!


The biggest problem, after the food, are liquids, particularly alcoholic drinks. People tend to carry on alcoholic beverages in checked-lugged mainly, but more often they put inside the carry-on luggage. All alcohol beverages that have more than 70% of alcohol volume will be removed from your luggage, regardless whether it is a checked bag or a simple backpack.

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Also, the allowed amount of liquid (alcohol, natural juice, tea or any other type of liquid) is around 67 ounces, and everything above that amount will be taken from you and removed. You can bring juices, teas, syrups, alcoholic beverages and any other type of liquid you can think of, except the breast milk and baby-drinks, as these must be reported separately.

The prescription drugs

People also bring medication with themselves while flying. There is a separate procedure for this case, but the best thing you can do is to declare these and talk to the security officer. In case you are carrying prescription pills or any form of drugs, you must declare these to the security officer and show the doctor’s prescription.

For that reason, the best way is to pack these up in your carry-on luggage, so they could see right after you declare these.

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