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Best cakes in 2019 to order online

Best cakes in 2019 to order online

Pastry cooks, cake decorators and passionate cake lovers are well aware that desserts industry has its own seasonal or annual trends, just like fashion industry. 2019 brings some beautiful to look and taste cake trends, suitable for all sorts of occasions. Regardless of the the occasion, one particularly popular trend is to search for the cake you like and order it at online cake shops. There are numerous reliable and highly professional websites out there offering wide range of cakes and other desserts, but if you want to make an online cake order in Delhi, we strongly recommend Cravity Cakes. These guys provide impressive assortment of baked, frosted, filled or glazed cakes, designed and decorated for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings or casual family gathering. They also keep up with the latest trends in cake industry and these are some of their favorites during 2019.

Floral flavors instead of fruit flavors

Widely spread and popular trend is to replace traditional fruit flavors with floral flavors, combined with floral theme decorations. Layered cakes are still commonly present, but many pastry cooks turn to sponge cakes glazed with butter. Frequently seen celebration cake models combine edible flowers with real flowers as decoration and the cake is filled with at least two favorite floral flavors. Some delicious recipes include rose, lavender, lemon, elderflower and hibiscus flavors mixed with butter, dark chocolate or cream. Also, new exotic trend promotes cakes filled with creams containing cannabis oil and cannabis flavor.

Forget geometry

Another popular cake trend in 2019 refers to shapes of cakes. Traditional rectangular-shaped or oval cakes are slowly out of the fashion and various creative, irregularly shaped cakes are taking place. Dessert industry and highly skilled chefs are experimenting with challenging shapes or they combine classic box shape with attractive irregular decoration. Silk, sharp edges are often covered with abstract elements giving extraordinary final look to the whole cake. Wedding cakes are currently often made of snow-white clean and crisp fill and glaze and even the decoration is kept white, but ornamented. Arrangement resembling nature and foliage, combined with golden hoops are also very popular. Finally, another trend particularly widely used for decoration of cakes for kids’ birthdays includes various hand-printed designs. Kids love arrangement referring to their favorite cartoons with their name hand-written with chocolate on the top of the cake.

Online customized cakes


As mentioned above, people worldwide nowadays take advantage of internet even when it comes to making and purchasing good, old cakes. Many web pages provide rich assortment of pre-designed cake models, so customers are free to choose the model that suits their wishes and needs best. However, there is another option for those who know exactly what they want. Some cake manufacturers allow customers to determine ingredients, decoration, size, shape and specific flavors they would like to have in their cake and the manufacturer will just follow the give orders to create custom made cake. You can even get the simulated preview of the final version before definite order. Time saving option, but the taste and visual experience are still guaranteed.

How to choose the right food mill

How to choose the right food mill

If you’re into fine cooking, you can’t do without a good food mill. Having such a tool in your possession will allow you to strain and mash the softer parts of food chunks less strenuously and more neatly. Like everything, food mills have come a long way from what they used to be 20 and more years ago. Today, there are countless options in this category but not all mills are the right ones.

You need the best of the best in order to get perfect results. If you are looking for the right food mill, you need to choose the one with a blade that is close enough to the bottom, interchangeable disks, sturdy construction and of course a large bowl. We live in a modern age where everything gets an upgrade eventually so the same goes for food mills.

Out of countless food mill products, one proved itself to really stand out from all the competition. We are talking about Mouli food mills. All mouli food mill reviews so far have shown nothing but the most positive feedback and experiences and the users are greatly satisfied with the product. If you are using an old food mill, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

While most food mills have more or less the same features, Mouli makes a significant difference in performance. What other food mills can’t give you, Mouli will without a doubt. The reason why these mills are so good is in the performance difference. It’s a small difference, but it gets the job done quicker and more efficiently.

The features

food millMost people who are used to using food mills know the troubles with a handle. The problem arises because the mill doesn’t have a hooking handle which makes sure that milled food falls right into the bowl. Mouli solved this problem with a hooking handle that will position a mill right above the bowl. It sure makes things a lot easier and more precise without food junks on the counter.

One of the other features, which is really useful, are the interchangeable disks. Having a choice of gauges will give you a lot of useful options and you can choose the degree of fineness of your milled food. Now, the most useful feature would be the capacity.

The generously sized and deep food bowl saves a lot of time and effort when cooking in numerous ways. You won’t have to use so many dishes like before and that only means you won’t have to spend as much time doing the dishes as you used to.

The assembly of this device is also on a high level. Mouli makes cleaning and the whole reassemble process very simple. You can take the whole mill apart, clean it and reassemble it in less than a couple of minutes which makes it perfect for traveling if you are planning on to cook on the go. Fine blades allow you to mill your food to the finest degree no matter where you find yourself. There is a reason why they are the best